Creating „60 Minutes Of Chill“

Creating „60 Minutes Of Chill“

Beside writing own songs and remixing for other artists, I think it´s a natural process to create mixtapes where you can show the audience your favourite tracks from other artists. It is not my intention to create tapes where you listen to a continuously mix  – never knowing which track is actually played; I want to create a mixture of tracks which fit together fine but still you can hear where one story ends and the next one begins.

Oldfashioned way of making it?
I know – but that´s the way I like it.

Originally I started to with a length of 53 minutes but when I came in contact with the guys of MODUL303.COM I had to extend them to 60 minutes in order to fit in their program schedule … and 60 minutes sound even nicer, right?

Every Monday (11 pm UTC+1) and Tuesday (4 pm UTC+1) you can listen to my stories on webradiostation MODUL303.COM and every Thursday on Mixcloud



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