60 Minutes Of Chill – Part Twelve

60 Minutes Of Chill – Part Twelve

On tonight´s episode I like to present you tracks from a time when chillout or ambient wasn´t such a familiar term in electronic music, as well as representatives of the actual chillout and lounge scene.

Do you remeber Frank Duval? He´s one of these artists who used synthesizers wisley in the 80ies and 90ies – to create his vision of music, to tell passionate stories.

Also, I´m happy to present you a lot of my musical friends and partners:
Ann Grace & Marie Therese – both artists I already had the pleasure to work with. They present tracks, which are perfect candidates when it comes to chillout and lounge music. Another great artist and musical friend is Elaine Frost aka Auditory Rhythms – her track is a bit faster but never the less it fits perfect into my idea of a diversified chillout mixtape. Also, I want you to introduce Firn: although he´s no longer part of the music business, his track is a fine example for ambient and chillout music (and I will miss his tunes).

Not only friends are on board: York, Sven Klitsch, Yello (oh, I love their jazzy, chilled ballads) and Tosca guarantee highest musical pleasure in the electronic lounge area.

Finally at the end of the show you can listen to two bands from the 80ies who wrote some of the biggest anthems of that time. But they also wrote – let´s say experimental tracks – where they showed a side of their musical world which was sensitive, personal and emotional: Talk Talk and Tears For Fears.

So, enjoy the sounds!

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  • 01 Initio [Stan Dart]
  • 02 The Reachers Of Civilisation [York]
  • 03 Silent Meeting [Frank Duval]
  • 04 Tranquilitá [Ann Grace]
  • 05 White Air [Marie Therese]
  • 06 Whitecaps [Sven Klitsch]
  • 07 Insomnai [Auditory Rhythms]
  • 08 Suzuki [Tosca]
  • 09 Believe [Firn]
  • 10 The Rainbow [Talk Talk]
  • 11 Of Course I´m Lying [Yello]
  • 12 Listen (Edit) [Tears For Fears]
  • 13 Vale [Stan Dart]



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