60 Minutes Of Chill – Part 28 (Sounds Of The Universe 2)

60 Minutes Of Chill – Part 28 (Sounds Of The Universe 2)

This weeks edition is a new journey into the universe, playing music beyond space and time. Let us beginn with Cousin Silas, coming from West Yorkshire and travelling with us into the deep space areas with his wonderful track „Dronescape 032„. Next one on our way to the stars are 2 german artists: Michael Brückner and Lutz Thuns and their wonderful collaboration „Taraxacum (Version 1)„.

Wolfgang Gsell and your buddy Stan Dart wrote the track „Close Up“ and it´s next in line to guide you through the universe. Scott Snee from Georgia, Atlanta provides us with his „Telescope“ – so we can see things clearly out there. Finally, Fritz Mayr (also an austrian electronic musician) giving us the chance to relax by having a „Crystal Bath“ and Lutz Thuns from Berlin is finally responsible for „Dreaming“ times …

You can listen to the mix on

  • Saturday @10pm
  • Tuesday @4pm (all UTC+1)

on modul303.com and from every Thursday on Mixcloud


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