60 Minutes Of Chill – Part 27 (Remixed)

60 Minutes Of Chill – Part 27 (Remixed)

This weeks edition is dedicated to artists, where I had the chance and honour to create remixes of their original tracks. It´s always a pleasure to create new versions of songs by adding my ideas and musical elements to their original track.

First in line is a mix, I made some years ago for Dusky (it was part of a contest on their website): a relaxed version of „Lost In You“.  Next to them is the great singer and songwriter Jill Cohn. I always enjoy remixing her songs, as I love to work with her voice and her gentle piano or guitar play.

A true classic remix was my job for MikeWhitePresents „God´s Blues“. I never thought that a remix can change a song so much – and still you can feel it´s an origin MWP one. Through the years I really come to appreciate to collaborate with Elaine Frost aka Auditory Rhythms – she´s such a sensitive writer, even in her hottest dance tracks you can feel the emotions she put in. „Imaginary Flow“ is one of the best electronic tracks I heard for a long time, therefore I was more than happy to remix it.

Some of you may know that I love the music of Schiller. So what´s more logical than to try to remix a song from him? Unfortunately I still didn´t come in contact with him, therefore I decided to create a coverversion of  „Dream Of You“ (which could be seen as a remix in a way) … and as this version was highly appreciated by many Schiller fans, I present it in this mixtape. Mark Dorricott – whenever I need a soulful pianosession, he´s the right man for that job, and in the past years we made some very fine albums together. When I listened to the track „It´s a rainy day“ for the first time, it was clear for me to recreate that beauty in the electronic world; also the voice of Ms. King is such a pleasure to listen to … I really love that version!

For a long time I made remixes for the Inhambane project, as they provide very well produced vocal stems of unknown (but highly talented) african singers; this version of Nazir´s „Bitonga Blues“ is one of the best I made for them. Travis Jacques – O-Drab – is a musician from Canada, and through the years I hade the chance to work with him on some of his tracks … what a lovely stuff he writes!!

Finally – 2 years ago I came in contact with the austrian singer and songwriter Stefan Lichtenegger. Impressed by his poetic way of composing and singing, I got the chance to remix his great track „Nichts anderes zählt“ (Nothing else matters) –  and this mix is one of these jobs of which I´m very proud of.

So, enjoy the music.


  • Initio [Stan Dart]
  • Lost In You (Ambient Mix) [Dusky feat. Janai]
  • Blessing Moon (Chilled Beat Mix) [Jill Cohn]
  • God´s Blues (Ambient Mix) [MikeWhithePresents]
  • Imaginary Flow (Remix) [Auditory Rhythms]
  • Dream Of You (Schiller Cover Version) [Stan Dart]
  • It´s A Rainy Day (Remix) [Mark Dorricott feat. Ms. King]
  • Bitonga Blues (Ambient Mix) [Nazir]
  • Set sail For The Implosion (Remix) [O-Drab]
  • Nichts anderes zählt (Remix) [Stefan Lichtenegger]
  • Vale [Stan Dart]


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