60 Minutes Of Chill – Part 26 (Sounds from the universe)

60 Minutes Of Chill – Part 26 (Sounds from the universe)

This weeks edition is dedicated to artists in the fields of electronic music, playing music beyond space and time. Let us beginn with Synestem, who plays Jarre-like music and extends this world by adding his own style. In the end it´s a journey you can´t resist to be part of! Followed by the master of space music – Jean Michel Jarre you realize that these 2 artists would collaborate so well. Next one from germany is Sonus Lab; his ambient music is so deep and peaceful – you nearly get lost in space 🙂

Globotom (another great german artist) continues the voyage with his chilled sounds. Also, your buddy Stan Dart is on board, taking you to the sea of tranquilty … Wolfgang Barkowski and Marc Iwasckiewisz wrote a fantastic ambient track and you can learn, that even rocks can sing … Wolfgang Gsell (did I mention, that he´s another great german electronic musician?) take us on the last journey of a great musician and finally we met again Synestem with a reprise of his tribute to the famous french composer JMJ.

You can listen to the mix on

  • Saturday @10pm
  • Monday @11pm and
  • Tuesday @4pm (all UTC+1)

on modul303.com and from every Thursday on Mixcloud


  • Initio [Stan Dart]
  • Memorial (Edit) [Synestem]
  • Oxygene (Part VI) [Jean Michel Jarre]
  • From Earth [Sonus Lab]
  • Mühlenkreis [Globotom]
  • Sea Of Tranquility [Stan Dart]
  • Der Gesang der Steine [Wolfgang Barkowski & Marc Iwasckiewisz]
  • The Last Journey Of Edgar [Wolfgang Gsell]
  • Memorial (Space Reprise) [Synestem]
  • Vale [Stan Dart]


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