60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 35 (Collaborations)











A musical collaboration is the expression of artists, showing their individual talents on a common track. It´s one of most challenging things, when it comes to composing.

Therefore I´m very proud to present you some of my collaborations with these highly talented artists:

Mark Dorricott
Elaine Frost 
Wolfgang Gsell 
Lutz Thuns



Initio [Stan Dart]
Sky and Light [Wolfgang Gsell & Stan Dart]
Am Morgen [Alien Nature & Stan Dart]
Deckard´s Dream [Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart]
Twentynine Palms (Schiller Cover) [Stan Dart]
Always New [Wolfgang Gsell & Stan Dart]
Orbital Flight, Part One [Elaine Frost & Stan Dart]
The End [Lutz Thuns & Stan Dart]
The Eye (Chillout Mix) [Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart]
Vale [Stan Dart]

Enjoy the music!

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