Studio 43d

Where sounds will be born …

Every musician needs a place where you can withdraw from the madness of daily life and concentrate on the ideas in your mind. A place filled with stuff you need to have, in order to create your songs. This is my little place … enjoy the visit!

Welcome …
Deepmind 12 & Model D – a powerful combination for dreamy pads and deep bass melodies
RD-8: a fine drumcomputer to create smooth rhythms with a touch from the 80s;
all mixed with the X2222
As we move further on we find this little synth, a KORG Poly 800 II – perfect for pad sounds from the 80s; on the right you find the Waldorf Blofeld, which is great for shimmering sounds and dry stabs. As you can see – everything´s connected through various mixing devices and external sound cards. The Zoom HN4 is used for recordings of nature´s fine sounds.
It´s a tiny synth (compared with the KORG M1) but never underestimate this little fellow … mighty lead sounds, dreamy pads and deep and crunchy bass sounds are waiting for you. Beside that: the audio effects you can use on your live vocals are fantastic. And don´t forget the Sequencer, and Drumcomputer, and …
Here we have the best of 80s and 90s: Roland Juno 106 (below) / Korg M1 (middle) / Roland JD Xi (above). If I´m looking for a classic piano I use the M1, and if I need to find some padsounds like JMJ, well then I head over to the Juno. And for some crunchy actual sounds, you know already: Roland JD Xi
To control all synths with MIDI signals with synced BPM – the ERM Multiclock is your best friend. To control your DAW accurately my advice is the Faderport from PreSonus. If you like some acid-sounds from the 90s head over to the Behringer TD-3 (sounds also great in ambient tracks 😉 )
Making fine music means to own fine speakers – KRK RoKit 6: perfect for small rooms where you want to create mighty and wide sounds …
Beside the time factor (Multiclock) you need a hardware to rely on it, when it comes to connect mutliple midi devices (synths, rhythm machines, ..): the ESI M8U eX is the perfect player for that part of the game. Finally you need an appropriate workstation to record, edit and mix your songs. Mine is called Digital AudionetworX, made by Berlin company with the same name:
Finally, you also need a bunch of software products (DAW, Synths, Effects, ..) in order to create your musical ideas. Here you can read an excerpt of what I´m using.
Thanks for the visit, and now head over to my music to enjoy the songs I´ve already made with this stuff 😉

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