60 Minutes Of Chill – Vangelis Edition

A very special edition, as I present you some of my favorite tracks from the „Jedi-Master“ of electronic music: VANGELIS
I´ve taken some very rare tracks like „Spotkanie Z Matka“ which is only available on the special 3CD Bladerunner soundtrack set.

As usual … enjoy the sounds … and soon on Mixcloud!


  • 01 Initio [Stan Dart]
  • 02 Movment 1
  • 03 Elsewhere
  • 04 Dr. Tyrell´s Owl
  • 05 Memory Of Antarctica
  • 06 Rachel´s Song
  • 07 Tears In Rain
  • 08 Le Singe Bleu
  • 09 Desolation Path
  • 10 Spotkanie Z Matka
  • 11 Twenty Eight Parallel
  • 12 Memories Of Blue
  • 13 Vale [Stan Dart]
  • 60-Part7

    60 Minutes Of Chill – Part Two

    Another 60 minutes for you to chill, relax … whatever you decide to do while listening to the sounds …
    This time you can listen to a remix I made for the austrian top band OPUS!

    As usual (in case you missed it on modul303.com) you can listen to it on Soundcloud and Mixcloud


  • 01 Initio [Stan Dart]
  • 02 Morning´s Light [Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart]
  • 03 Spring Chill [Stephen Sherrard & Stan Dart]
  • 04 Searching For The Song (Ambient Mix) [Jill Cohn]
  • 05 Ganz Leise [Klangstein feat. Syliva Gerlach]
  • 06 Time (Part 3) [Stan Dart]
  • 07 Afterhours Dreamer [Mark Dorricott]
  • 08 Memory Foam Mattress [O-Drab]
  • 09 Late [Halcyon Daze]
  • 10 The Eye (Chillout Mix) [Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart]
  • 11 Flying High (The Ambient Mix) [OPUS]
  • 12 Nichts anderes zählt (Stan Dart Remix) [Stefan Lichtenegger]
  • 13 Vale [Stan Dart]
  • 60-part2

    60 Minutes of Chill – Part One

    The first 60 minutes … containing some tracks from my collaboration partners, remixes I made several months ago and some of my own tracks (which I think you would like to hear again :-))

    Enjoy it on Soundcloud and Mixcloud


  • 01 Initio [Stan Dart]
  • 02 Tubular Bells (Stan Dart Remix) [Mike Oldfield]
  • 03 Sunset [Eugenia Johnson and Stan Dart]
  • 04 Daybreak [Stan Dart]
  • 05 Loneliness (Chillout Mix) [Stan Dart]
  • 06 God´s Blues (Ambient Mix) [MikeWhitePresents]
  • 07 Time Slides (Ambient Mix) [Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart]
  • 08 Imaginary Flow, Part One (Stan Dart Remix) [Elaine Frost]
  • 09 Flashback (Electronic Mix) [Stan Dart]
  • 10 Set Sail For The Implosion (Stan Dart Remix) [O-Drab]
  • 11 Bitonga Blues (Stan Dart Remix) [Nazir]
  • 12 The Forest [Stan Dart]
  • 13 Sea Of Tranquility [Stan Dart]
  • 14 Vale [Stan Dart]
  • 60-part1

    Creating „60 Minutes Of Chill“

    Beside writing own songs and remixing for other artists, I think it´s a natural process to create mixtapes where you can show the audience your favourite tracks from other artists. It is not my intention to create tapes where you listen to a continuously mix  – never knowing which track is actually played; I want to create a mixture of tracks which fit together fine but still you can hear where one story ends and the next one begins.

    Oldfashioned way of making it?
    I know – but that´s the way I like it.

    Originally I started to with a length of 53 minutes but when I came in contact with the guys of MODUL303.COM I had to extend them to 60 minutes in order to fit in their program schedule … and 60 minutes sound even nicer, right?

    Every Monday (11 pm UTC+1) and Tuesday (4 pm UTC+1) you can listen to my stories on webradiostation MODUL303.COM and every Thursday on Mixcloud