RETRSOPECTIVE (10 Years – 12 Songs)

RETRSOPECTIVE (10 Years – 12 Songs)

I´ve done a lot of music in the last decade. With most of it I´m quite happy that I decided to release it, although big commercial success wasn´t the thing I achieved. To be honest, there were times when I thought about to withdraw from electronic music, when I listened to music of artists which sounded so damn better than mine. But I´ve accepted the permanent doubts as a challenge to become better. A positive competition with myself to prove a constant development in making music.

At a certain point I realized that success is not defined by the amount of money you make. It´s not even the level of acceptance you achieve with your music. Whether it is accepted by people the way it is or not: Only you – the composer – has to be satisfied with the song. If you´re not happy with it – press the delete button 🙂 But that doesn´t mean that I´m not thankful for all the positive feedback I got over the years, showing me that my songs are well accepted by the way they are.

Each song is a little story I wanted to tell.

So, in that long period of time there were a lot of stories worth telling you – some caused by personal events, some by public incidents, but most of them by a simple idea which came to my mind. Some of these stories became bigger than expected and needed the help of other musicians to be told, some were tiny and precious and reserved to be played by me only. But: not a single idea would have turned into music without the support of my family, as their love and acceptance create a place where I can find time and inspiration to work.

What´s more than to say than thank you – to all of you! Thank you for accepting my music shown in comments, e-mails and reviews I´ve received over the years. Also, thanks for coming to my shows! Playing live is for sure a highlight in a musician’s life and I enjoy it a lot!

In order to reflect such a long time, a RETROSPECTIVE has to be done (what else?). I´ve decided to present you ten songs in complete new versions. Many of them are available (in its original idea) on albums, some – only for a short period of time – on Soundcloud. You will recognize the original spirit in a different way – a new way.

Reinvent yourself.

Each day of our life is different to the day before (we simply do not realize that sometimes). These differences can be a burden, but it´s up to us to change the burden into a challenge.

Thanks for the challenge

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