Friendly Week – Day 5: MikeWhite Presents & Claudio Fiore

Friendly Week – Day 5: MikeWhite Presents & Claudio Fiore

Today I present you a collective of artists and the CEO of Ultrasonic Music Germany in the UK.


MWP-2013 Promo Pic

They are a collective of writers, singers and producers from London, England, making music that reflects their passion for Dance and Electronica culture, especially House and Trance music. Also, they want to extend their melodies, lyrics and arrangements into a wider, melodramatic, more cinematic sound too, as they have always felt that dance music is not just for the nightclub. It is also capable of serving the intimate moments between the listener and their headphones. Their music is really about the groove…the brooding pulse of the rhythm, delivered with gallons of soul..soaring, uplifting melody that seduces and embraces the listener.


I had the honour to meet them in April 2013 in London (at the famous SCHILLER gig in London) and I was impressed about their great understanding when it comes to write dancetracks (beside the fact, that it was a very nice evening with them joining together the concert). Even more, I can truly say that no one else (in the EDM social media world) is that open for collaborations like they are. Because of this attitude I had the chance to remix several of their hits: God´s BluesThe LiftHeal Your Heart2AM.

MWP-Gods Blues

Countless postings on their Facebook-site show another side of this collective: The eternal search and support for new talents, worth to be pushed into the focus of peoples mind. The latest result of this attitude is the collaboration with british singer and songwriter Shane Nolan. The track is called „The Explorer“ and another mighty evidence of their talent to look for the right ingredients to create a great dance track (which I had the honour to remix too). You can find them on Facebook, Soundcloud and ReverbNation (just to mention a few sites ..)

MWP-explorer preview 1

MikeWhite Presents – a collective of musicians – an example how collaborations can produce great stuff.



Claudio Fiore is a musician, producer and DJ creating many styles of music. He has been a drummer and percussionist for many years. The styles of music he produces are electronic based including progressive, tech, funky & deep house, electronica, ambient, trance, chillout, dance (EDM), lounge, downtempo to funk, rock, pop and more… He also produces remixes under his own name and also the alias name DJ Casafonda having remixed for great artsists such as Cloverfield, Matt Purkis, Nic Fuller, Mari & Mozez, Mind24, Martin Hughes, Mare Mystica, Slimmie, JugState and many more. Also, he´s an established DJ, and produces mixes on a weekly basis for radio and podcasts world-wide as well as DJing for private parties. In 2012 he was signed to Ultrasonic Music Germany by Tom Cloverfield, and now continues to release his creations through UMG on all major digital download sites world-wide.


I came in contact with Claudio through Soundcloud. From the first moment I loved his style, no matter which field of electronic music he used for his tracks. Smooth, with a lot of passion in his music – that´s the way I knew this guy. Beside his own great music, he provides time to look for new talents and present them in his weekly radio show. I can not say how thankful I am that he played my tracks so often in his shows – much appreciated!!! He´s a nice guy to talk with and open for all kind of musical collaborations; due to this attidue I was able to create a remix for one of his tracks: Solar Paradox


Claudio is another example for a higly talented artist who is always looking for possibilites to collaborate in order to enhance his skills. Enjoy his sounds on his website, Facebook, Soundcloud or ReverbNation (just to mention a few sites …).


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