Friendly Week – Day 1: Synestem & Harald Bertram

Friendly Week – Day 1: Synestem & Harald Bertram



Gerald Wirtz is the man behind this electronic music project. Music, filled with white noise, ambient pad sounds, chirps, beeps and whistles combined with chilled sounds and rhythms. Imagine Jean Michel Jarre decides to create new tracks, and asks Gerald for help. The result would be music, I still miss on the newer records of Jarre.

It is SciFi-music; music to create acoustic landscapes

Also, he´s a great artist in creating fantastic sci-fi pictures; landscapes of strange planets: a jungle with strange animals and plants – he creates the perfect visual background for his great music. You can listen to his music on Bandcamp as well as on Facebook

Beside his music, Gerald also produces his own radio show called “ELEKTRO KLANG RADIO” where you can listen to the finest electronic music of classic artists as well as new one. His show will be broadcasted on fm 97.6 (in Germany, region of Schleswig-Holstein)every Saturday at 10 pm (UTC+1) as well as a webstream on

I came in contact with Gerald through Facebook (on several group discussions regarding electronic music styles like ambient, dark ambient, chillout, ..) and I had the privilege to be played in his radio show for several times. Thank you Gerald for your friendship and your great support!



Through the facebook group „ambiofusion“ I got in contact with Harald. For me it´s always amazing to get in contact with great musicians – to talk with them about their idea of music can be very inspiring for yourself. As he´s part of the label „Fulggsheim Underground Music“ it´s not so easy to present him – because- of his various projects, but let me try with his project called „Grow Up Little Plant Of Love“.


For those of you who are not so familiar with the different styles in electronic music, I will try to prevent using terms like „Berlin School“ – or whatever. Instead I will write my impression of his music on me 🙂

With tracks 1 and 2 it´s like you enter a room – a little bit dark but still you feel very comfortable there. Sounds from every corner hit your ears, somewhere a drum is played, some dark pad sounds makes you aware, that this room is big, very big .. some spoken words also can be heard … so in the beginning you don´t know where you are, or why you are there.

With track 3 (the title track) your situation changes; now there´s more light in the room and you see a kind of garden with plants and trees and you can walk through a small forest …

Track 4 reminds you on your situation from the beginning (where are we?) and you start thinking if it could be possible to stand in a forest on a foreign planet? Again, some strange sounds can be heard … animals? lifeforms?

Even more with track 5 you enter a new room, now it´s darker and a bit colder … but still you ask yourself where you are and who built these rooms … you find some machines but you have no idea what they´re for.

Track 6 could be seen as the center of this building, now you see more machines, lights, you hear voices again – maybe the control room of this building?

Track 7 is the 2nd control room – no you see a lot of more machines and maybe you got an idea about this building .. Track 8 could be seen as the solution of this riddle – maybe you just dreamed all of this, maybe you´re still on another planet … whatever you can imagine to his sequenced driven music.

Don´t expect a lot of chilled melodies and beats, but still his music presents a beauty – mainly produced by his sounds in combination with your own imagination.

As Harald writes electronic music for several years, there are plenty possibilities to listen to his music. Have a look on his bandcamp page and head over to other projects of him and his friends.

A true inspiration for everyone who loves electronic music – I´m glad to know him.

Wellen Fischer - Grow up little Plant of Life (Bonus Additional for Radio)

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