60 Minutes Of Chill – Part Eighteen

60 Minutes Of Chill – Part Eighteen

On tonight´s episode I like to present you a very special selection of chilled tracks:

Let´s start with the grandmasters of electronic sounds and sampling art: The Art Of Noise and their own rework of their chillout anthem „Moments In Love“, but this time they call it „Camilla (the old, old story)“. Some lounge moments by DAB followed by an beautiful ambient track by ATB.

Then we start our movie minute with a great track by the Pet Shop Boys, from their electronic/symphonic soundtrack for the classic movie „Battleship Potemkin“. Back in the 90ies german trance artists wrote great dance tracks – including chillout music, and so I can present you a dreamy track by Ayla. Back to present times you will find Amethystium followed by another 2 legends of electronic music: Jon and Vangelis.

Next to them a track by the Electric Light Orchestra from 1978 – nevertheless it is an ancestor of modern chillout music! Finally Jean Michel Jarre, Lamb (remixed by myself) and – my personal highlight in this session (call me oldfashioned if you want, but I love this track) – Billy Joel  will close these 60 minutes.

Enjoy the music!

You can listen to the mix on

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modul303.com and from every Thursday on Mixcloud too.


  • Initio [Stan Dart]
  • Camilla [The Art Of Noise]
  • Delayed [DAB]
  • Sternwanderer [ATB]
  • Odessa [Pet Shop Boys]
  • Dreamland [Ayla]
  • Elvensong [Amethystium]
  • Garden Of Senses [Jon and Vangelis]
  • The Whale [ELO]
  • Oxygene (Part VI) [Jean Michel Jarre]
  • Butterfly Effect (Extended Stan Dart Remix) [Lamb]
  • And So It Goes [Billy Joel]
  • Vale [Stan Dart]


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