60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 38 (Autumn Leaves)

60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 38 (Autumn Leaves)










Autumn is already here – Winter is waiting to cover gently the countryside with snow ..  What´s better than to sit back in front of the fireplace and enjoy some relaxed tunes? I found some great tunes from artists from all over the world.


  • Initio [Stan Dart]
  • Calm Waters [Snee]
  • Escape [Sergey Cheremisinov]
  • Rewound [Chris Zabriskie]
  • A Place In Time [Mark Dorricott]
  • Beautiful Space [Unknown]
  • Collapsar [Cousin Silas]
  • Somatou [Kakurenbo]
  • Everybody Move [Butterbox]
  • North Sea [Frame]
  • Voyage In The Night [Nameless Dancers]
  • Apollo Wakes [Shatterfreak]
  • Vale [Stan Dart]

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/standart/60-minutes-of-chill-part-38-autumn-leaves/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]


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