60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 34 (Sounds Of The Universe 3)

60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 34 (Sounds Of The Universe 3)

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Electronic music and space – what would musicians do without this endless supply of inspiration.

Let´s start with one of the bonus tracks of my actual album TALES FROM THE SOLAR SYSTEM, which describes the edge of our solar system: The Kuiper Belt. One step further away, and we can see a mysterious galaxy by Fritz Mayr. Riding on a Timestream, that would be a solution when travelling to distant galaxies. Oleg Sirenko gives us the chance to do so.

Sonus Lab is presenting its Habitat Orbit and with that track we´re coming back to earth, where Ulrich Schnauss, Klaus Schulze and The Art Of Noise presenting us fine –  terrestial electronic – music.


Initio [Stan Dart]
Kuiper Belt, Part One [Stan Dart]
Mysterious Galaxy [Fritz Mayr]
Timestream [Oleg Sirenko]
Habitat Orbit [Sonus Lab]
Wherever you are [Ulrich Schnauss]
Welcome To The Moog Brothers [Klaus Schulze]
Vocs In the Dart I [Klaus Schulze]
Crusoe (Remix) [The Art Of Noise]
Vale [Stan Dart]

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/standart/60-minutes-of-chill-part-34-sounds-of-the-universe-3/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]

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