60 Minutes Of Chill – Part 3

60 Minutes Of Chill – Part 3

This week on modul303.com, Soundcloud a n d Mixcloud! I´ve invited some of my collaboration partners to present their tracks, I´ve included one of my first collabs with Stephen Sherrard, a remix I made for singer and songwriter Jill Cohn … and a bunch of my own tracks (that´s what I call selfpromotion)

Anyway – I hope you enjoy the sounds!


  • 01 Initio [Stan Dart]
  • 02 Deep Blue Sea [Stan Dart]
  • 03 In The Forest [Stan Dart]
  • 04 Flight Of An Eagle [Stan Dart]
  • 05 Black Piano [Halcyon Daze]
  • 06 Aurora Borealis [Stan Dart]
  • 07 Instead Of The Innocence (Ambient Version) [Jill Cohn]
  • 08 Polygonillions [O-Drab]
  • 09 Middle Of A Sea Journey [Mark Dorricott]
  • 10 Afterglow (2002 Mix) [Stephen Sherrard & Stan Dart]
  • 11 Memories [Stan Dart]
  • 12 Voice Of Innocence [Stan Dart]
  • 13 Vale [Stan Dart]
  • 60-Part3

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