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Here you can find some informations about my mixtapes; presented on webradiostation, on soundcloud and on mixcloud

60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 48

Cover_Titelbild_60_part48 One hour to sit back and relax ... with: Stan Dart - Intro Schiller - Tal des Himmels (Drei) - Part One The Swan And the Lake feat. Anders Brandt. - Dive Junkie XL - Distant Lights Robert Miles - The Wolf Mark Dorricott - Quiet Times Schiller - Tal des Himmels (Drei) - Part Two Vangelis - Memories Of Green Stan Dart - vita (Alternative Version) The Art Of Noise - Camilla (The Old, Old Story) ATB - Endless Silence York - Dejavu (chill Out Mix) BT - Satellite (Edit) Stan Dart - Vale [mixcloud width=100% height=60 hide_cover=1 mini=1] Available on webradiostation modul303 and mixcloud...

60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 46

60-Minutes-Of-Chill-Part-46-(Wintermusic)The closing of the year is near. Let´s sit down and relax for another 60 minutes of chill ..        
  • Stan Dart - Initio
  • Visage - Fade To Grey (Memorial Mix)
  • Schiller - Einlassmusik 12, Teil 7
  • Bliss - Sleep will come
  • Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene, Part 20 (Edit)
  • The Art Of Noise - The Reflection Of A Reflection
  • Francis Rimbert - Women´s Land
  • Oleg Sirenko - Atlantida
  • Thomas Lemmer - Nebula
  • ATB - Sternwanderer (feat. Anova)
  • Enigma - Confession Of The Mind
  • Enigma - Absolvo
  • Stan Dart - Vale
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60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 45

Cover_Titelbild_60_part45 Fall is here. Dark, cold and wet. But here we have some fine music to think about nicer places to stay ... enjoy another 60 minutes of chill!      
  • Initio (Stan Dart)
  • Einlassmusik 11, Teil 3 (Schiller)
  • Exim (Blank And Jones)
  • Pacific Light (Boris Blank)
  • Oceania (York)
  • Tristana (Nils Frahm)
  • Gedanken (Stan Dart)
  • Interstellar (Marc Gregor Remix) (Blank And Jones)
  • Sunlight (Edit) (Vangelis)
  • Vale (Stan Dart)
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60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 43: Fragments

Fragments ... strange title for my actual mixtape, but as there are so many different artists with different styles, I think it makes sense. Artists like D Smilez or Amitron7 create wonderful chilled tracks, mixed up with actual dance elements; in comparison to that Coldnoise show us how to play the piano in order to create a stunning atmosphere. Also Mark Dorricott is part of this mixtape with a special remix of his track Nightfall. You will find elements of Jazz, IDM, Lounge, Ambient, House, ... so: enjoy another 60 Minutes of Chill! You can listen to the mix on webradiostation modul303, Radio Die Klangwelt and on Mixcloud 60_Minutes_Of_Chill_Part_43...

60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 42: Vangelis – The Tegos Tapes Mix (Part Two)

Part two of Vangelis´ unreleased "Tegos Tapes". It was my intention to create an ambient - almost meditative - mix of some of the case-music excerpts. As in part one you hear only parts that do not include any medical voice overs. I´m fully aware that some of the parts are in a very rough condition, but I didn´t want to edit these cuts, in order to present the music as it was made back in the 1990s. It is not a fully high quality recording of his music - carefully mastered and edited; it´s a "out of the box" recording; still a fascinating example of his genius. You can listen to the mix on webradiostation modul303 and on Mixcloud (Mixtapes contains music from Case 15 to 24) “Every human being, animal, plant or mineral carries the imprint of the cycle of Creation. Sound has always followed the sequences of change in this cycle, like a code carrying the function and dimension of the universe, being at the same time its generator. Let...
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