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HometownMemories-V2 Graz – my hometown. To write a musical homage about this town is quite challenging. So many famous artists were born here (or started a worldwide career from here) and also one of the greatest Austrian bands (whom I already had the honour to work together with)  - OPUS - decided to settle down near Graz too.        

City Walk_V5_FINAL Being aware of these legends from Graz, I wasn't intimidated but continued my plans for this project. I'm proud to live in a town that influenced so many artists before! So, during many walks I refreshed my memories and I became inspired by the permanent change in the architectural skyline of Graz, and also by many personal events in the recent past that taught me to have a different perspective on this town.

      CityLights-V3_FINAL As this project should be considered as a soundtrack for


10 Many of you know this sentence, and it seems that it´s a fascinating and inspiring topic not only for electronic musicians, but also for filmmakers, writers and painters. For many years I had this idea of writing songs about our solar system. Each planet has its own characteristics and particularities, so there would be enough to write about. When NASA celebrated the 25th anniversary of exploraitons by the Hubble telescope in Spring 2015, the time was right for me too, to sit down and start writing. Incidentally, I almost finished my work when the NEW HORIZON probe reached Pluto in July 2015. 09 Finally - after seven months - here we are! It took me 16 songs to conclude this topic - split up on two CDs:
  • The Inner Planets:
    Mercury - Venus - Earth - Mars
  • The Outer Planets:
    Jupiter - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto