60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 35 (Collaborations)











A musical collaboration is the expression of artists, showing their individual talents on a common track. It´s one of most challenging things, when it comes to composing.

Therefore I´m very proud to present you some of my collaborations with these highly talented artists:

Mark Dorricott
Elaine Frost 
Wolfgang Gsell 
Lutz Thuns



Initio [Stan Dart]
Sky and Light [Wolfgang Gsell & Stan Dart]
Am Morgen [Alien Nature & Stan Dart]
Deckard´s Dream [Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart]
Twentynine Palms (Schiller Cover) [Stan Dart]
Always New [Wolfgang Gsell & Stan Dart]
Orbital Flight, Part One [Elaine Frost & Stan Dart]
The End [Lutz Thuns & Stan Dart]
The Eye (Chillout Mix) [Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart]
Vale [Stan Dart]

Enjoy the music!

60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 34 (Sounds Of The Universe 3)

Cover_Titelbild_60_part34(sounds from the universe 3)











Electronic music and space – what would musicians do without this endless supply of inspiration.

Let´s start with one of the bonus tracks of my actual album TALES FROM THE SOLAR SYSTEM, which describes the edge of our solar system: The Kuiper Belt. One step further away, and we can see a mysterious galaxy by Fritz Mayr. Riding on a Timestream, that would be a solution when travelling to distant galaxies. Oleg Sirenko gives us the chance to do so.

Sonus Lab is presenting its Habitat Orbit and with that track we´re coming back to earth, where Ulrich Schnauss, Klaus Schulze and The Art Of Noise presenting us fine –  terrestial electronic – music.


Initio [Stan Dart]
Kuiper Belt, Part One [Stan Dart]
Mysterious Galaxy [Fritz Mayr]
Timestream [Oleg Sirenko]
Habitat Orbit [Sonus Lab]
Wherever you are [Ulrich Schnauss]
Welcome To The Moog Brothers [Klaus Schulze]
Vocs In the Dart I [Klaus Schulze]
Crusoe (Remix) [The Art Of Noise]
Vale [Stan Dart]

60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 33 (Stairway To Heaven)









Stairway to heaven – the remake by the Far Corporation is such a powerful version; still worth being presented in my chillout area. Starting with this powerful track, I thought it´s time to spent some time up in the sky with you, presenting you some rare played tracks by Depeche Mode, Schiller or Boris Blank.

Even Queen wrote an ambient track … in order to honour the life and voice of Freddie Mercury. I was quite surprised when I listened to that track for the first time – a wonderful goodbye to an old friend. I hope you like my special 20 minute mix 🙂

Right before the end, I offer you the chance to listen to a very rare instrumental version of Seal´s „Crazy“ –  one of the best songs Trevor Horn wrote for him; to celebrate this great mix, I extended the version up to almost 8 minutes – the longer, the better, right?


Initio [Stan Dart]
Stairway To Heaven (Edit) [Far Corporation]
Heaven [Depeche Mode]
Heaven On Earth (The Things We´ve Got To Do) [Alphaville]
Thou Art In Heaven [Mike Oldfield]
Heaven´s Below [Boris Blank]
Made In Heaven (Ambient Reconstruction by Stan Dart) [Queen]
Voices II (Echoes) [Vangelis]
Twilight [Schiller]
Crazy (Intrumental Reconstruction by Stan Dart) [Seal]
Vale [Stan Dart]

Enjoy the music!

60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 32 (Songs From the Sea)











Back with a mixtape, preseting the spirits of the summer. A journey through the 80ies, 90ies and 00ies (and more) – where early ambient music meets classic pop ballads and modern electronic stuff.  But what they all have in common is this certain feeling, when you sit at the beach and look to the horizon and feel free …


Initio [Stan Dart]
The Waves [Frankie Goes To Hollywood]
So Far Out To Sea [Chicane]
Her And The Sea [Ulrich Schnauss]
Salton Sea [Schiller]
Battersea [Hooverphonic]
Sea Green [William Orbit]
Sirens Of The Sea [Above & Beyond]
Sea Song [Tears For Fears]
Song Of The Seas [Vangelis]
20.000 Miles Over The Sea [Enigma]
20.000 Miles Below The Sea [Stan Dart]
Down To The Sea [Chris Coco]
Sea Of Mind [Marie Therese]
Vale [Stan Dart]