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60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 31 (First Harvest)

30 Eposiodes of chillout and ambient music ... that was fun to create to! Although I know, I´m not that perfect mix-man I feel honoured that 2 webradio stations (Modul303 & RadioDieKlangwelt) play these mixes every week - and even more, I´m very happy that so many of you listen to the shows and play them also on my Mixcloud page :-)

Thank you for your support and thanks to all artists for their great music!

This episode can be seen as a "Best Of" the series so far ... on 5th of September I´ll be back! Tracklist:
  • Initio [Stan Dart]
  • Stealing Your Soul [MikeWhitePresents]
  • Entspannt [Blank And Jones]
  • Blue Lake [Mark Dorricott]
  • Tranquilitá [Ann Grace]
  • Sternwanderer [ATB]
  • Give It Up (Ambient Mix) [Klangstein]
  • White Rain [Microman and Vito Ingrosso]
  • Black Piano [Halcyon Daze]
  • Searching For The Songs (Ambient Mix) [Jill Cohn]
  • Take This Longing From Me [Wolfgang Gsell and Globotom]
  • 22 [Lowercase Noises]
  • Spotkanie Z Matka [Vangelis]
  • Tears In Rain [Vangelis]
  • Vale [Stan Dart]

60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 30 (The sound of Marie Therese)

This weeks edition is about the music of Austrian composer Marie Therese. I already introduced her on my "friendly week special", but I thought this lady deserves a complete special edition on her own. Marie composes high quality chillout and lounge music. Although many people today write music in that style, Marie takes the significant elements of this style and creates something new: unique and beautiful. You can listen to the mix on
  • Saturday @10 pm
  • Monday @ 09 pm
  • Tuesday @4 pm (all UTC+1)
on and from every Thursday on Mixcloud Tracklist:
  • Initio [Stan Dart]
  • Right Now
  • Sailors Cry
  • Let It Go
  • Beatuy of the mind
  • Feel It (Instrumental)
  • Silencio
  • Black Swan
  • Walk In The Rain
  • White Air
  • Gin Tonic
  • Contact
  • Soul talk
  • Magic of the night
  • Roma
  • Storm Of Love (Edit)
  • Vale [Stan Dart]
60-Minutes-Of-Chill-Part-30-(The sound of Marie Therese)...

60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 29 (Summer Edition)

This weeks edition is a combination of chillout and ambient sounds, just to celebrate the return of summer. Rainer Winscherman & Wolfgang Gsell take you on the "Imaginary Road" to relax by a soft saxophone, a nice guitar and some synth sounds. Then you´ll find yourself in the dunes by Mare Mystica ("In den Dünen") to sit down and relax a while. According to O-Drab we "Just hold on" ... so let´s do what he want us to do and stay at the dunes  :-), and when Night Note performs his "Extremely Slowly" track, we hardly can leave the place ... Wiesolator & Lutz Thuns present us what will happen on "Day Five" and Microvolt is giving us some time, by listening to his "Clock". Bruno Ender Lee is "Synthlighting" us - whatever this means - it feels so right. Finally Das Echt Andere presents us an "Elektrochill" and Firn helps us to wake up with his chilled beats on "DAAC...

60 Minutes Of Chill – Part 28 (Sounds Of The Universe 2)

This weeks edition is a new journey into the universe, playing music beyond space and time. Let us beginn with Cousin Silas, coming from West Yorkshire and travelling with us into the deep space areas with his wonderful track "Dronescape 032". Next one on our way to the stars are 2 german artists: Michael Brückner and Lutz Thuns and their wonderful collaboration "Taraxacum (Version 1)". Wolfgang Gsell and your buddy Stan Dart wrote the track "Close Up" and it´s next in line to guide you through the universe. Scott Snee from Georgia, Atlanta provides us with his "Telescope" - so we can see things clearly out there. Finally, Fritz Mayr (also an austrian electronic musician) giving us the chance to relax by having a "Crystal Bath" and Lutz Thuns from Berlin is finally responsible for "Dreaming" times ... You can listen to the mix on
  • Saturday @10pm
  • Tuesday @4pm (all UTC+1)
on and from every Thursday on Mixcloud Cover_Titelbild_60_part28