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60 Minutes Of Chill – Part 27 (Remixed)

This weeks edition is dedicated to artists, where I had the chance and honour to create remixes of their original tracks. It´s always a pleasure to create new versions of songs by adding my ideas and musical elements to their original track. First in line is a mix, I made some years ago for Dusky (it was part of a contest on their website): a relaxed version of "Lost In You".  Next to them is the great singer and songwriter Jill Cohn. I always enjoy remixing her songs, as I love to work with her voice and her gentle piano or guitar play. A true classic remix was my job for MikeWhitePresents "God´s Blues". I never thought that a remix can change a song so much - and still you can feel it´s an origin MWP one. Through the years I really come to appreciate to collaborate with Elaine Frost aka Auditory Rhythms - she´s such a sensitive writer, even in her hottest dance tracks you can feel...
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