60 Minutes Of Chill, Part 30 (The sound of Marie Therese)

60-Minutes-Of-Chill-Part-30-(The sound of Marie Therese)












This weeks edition is about the music of Austrian composer Marie Therese. I already introduced her on my „friendly week special„, but I thought this lady deserves a complete special edition on her own. Marie composes high quality chillout and lounge music. Although many people today write music in that style, Marie takes the significant elements of this style and creates something new: unique and beautiful.


Initio [Stan Dart]
Right Now
Sailors Cry
Let It Go
Beatuy of the mind
Feel It (Instrumental)
Black Swan
Walk In The Rain
White Air
Gin Tonic
Soul talk
Magic of the night
Storm Of Love (Edit)
Vale [Stan Dart]

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