Drums please … !

Even in the deepest areas of chillout or ambient tracks you need sometimes some bumps, crashes, hithats … you need drums!!!

Don´t have a drummer at home (or in your neighbourhood?) – here´s a way to find some:

My personal highlights in this article :

  • Audiorealism ADM – awesome 808, 909 and 606 clone … great drumsounds!
  • Drumazon – in case you want only a perfect 909er clone
  • FXpansion Geist – even the freeware version gives you the ability to create great rhythms ..


Stan Dart

All the best for 2013!

Well … the last 24 hours of 2012 have already begun .. and as it seems right clearly that the world didn´t come to an end let´s have an optimistic view for 2013!!!

All the best and thanks for your support!
-Stan Dart-