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In these difficult times music can help us to handle the daily routine ...

The Moon feat. Petra Moonmassar
was already released on 13.06.20 as CD, Stream and Download on Syngate & all major stores like Apple Music, Amazon or Spotify. The EP contains t
hree exclusive mixes & an additional unreleased version of "Isolation" feat. the american musician and producer Stephen Sherrard.

The Moon [Radio Mix (04:45)]
The Moon [Extended Mix (05:40)]
The Moon [Instrumental Mix (05:10)]
Isolation feat. Stephen Sherrard [(Puget Sound Mix) (05:59)]

The Moon is the story about the fear of the unknown. People in the twilight might look like dangerous creatues but seeing them in the right light (even the moonlight) we realise that there´s no reason to be afraid of them - and it´s the same with facts: The more we know about a topic the less is the chance to be mislead by fake news.

A special mix of "The Moon" and "Isolation" will be available on the forthcoming album "MurInsel, Volume 3", which will be available soon!
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