Graz – my hometown. To write a musical homage about this town is quite challenging. So many famous artists were born here (or started a worldwide career from here) and also one of the greatest Austrian bands (whom I already had the honour to work together with)  – OPUS – decided to settle down near Graz too.





City Walk_V5_FINAL
Being aware of these legends from Graz, I wasn’t intimidated but continued my plans for this project. I’m proud to live in a town that influenced so many artists before! So, during many walks I refreshed my memories and I became inspired by the permanent change in the architectural skyline of Graz, and also by many personal events in the recent past that taught me to have a different perspective on this town.




As this project should be considered as a soundtrack for Graz, therefore I used more (virtual) classical instruments like strings, brass and cello combintations to enforce this feeling. But as I write electronic music I also decided to mix it up with classical electronic elements, like Arpeggios, Sequences and Drumloops. The project is split up in two parts: “The Soundtrack Side”, which is the “classical” soundtrack part and “The Electronic Side”, which is the more lounge-electronic part of my hometown description. In the end you should be able to hear that it is electronic music – but in an epic way.



The Magic Island-V4_FINAL
Electronic music is a wonderful way to create soundscapes and moods to describe feelings which are connected with a building or a certain place. Although the music is made with electronic instruments, the music itself doesn’t sound artificial. The music comes from my heart and with every piece of music I want to tell a certain story – and that makes the music alive.





The album will be released on 16th of September on all major download sites, als well as on streaming platforms like Spotify. Also, you can email hidden; JavaScript is required the album as a (signed) double CD: It includes a 16 page booklet with all covers for each track and some additional informations. You also receive a download code for the mp3-version for both parts AND you´ll get two additional bonus tracks: Airport Stories & The Dream (those tracks won´t be available anywhere else!). If you have a close look on each cover, you´ll find some more informations – and with the help of Google Maps you will know where I walked around for the initial inspirations of each track …



MarkD DBAR-Studios

I’m sure this is the first electronic soundtrack written for Graz and with the support of my friends Mark Dorricott (additional Pianomusic on “The Island” and “3 AM”) and Stephen Sherrard (final Mix and Mastering) I can present you my personal view of Graz.

On my soundcloud site you can listen to 4 tracks from the album. Enjoy the music and thanks everybody for your support!

 Stan Dart_06-2019 STAN-DART_Studio-43-D_3 


And finally here you can see some of the inspirations I found in Graz:





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