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On tonight´s episode of my podcast series << 60 Minutes Of Chill >> I present yo…

On tonight´s episode of my podcast series << 60 Minutes Of Chill >>
I present you “Mensano” (who worked with Christopher von Deylen on the first SCHILLER album), as well as a track by London group “MikeWhitePresents” – a band I had the honour to meet personally and to work with for several times. Also 2 great cover versions of Depeche Mode classics by Sylvain Chauveau and Maxence Cyrin and many other great artists and their idea of chilled music.

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Friendly Week – Day 1: Synestem & Harald Bertram

S Y N E S T E M Synestem-Schriftzug Gerald Wirtz is the man behind this electronic music project. Music, filled with white noise, ambient pad sounds, chirps, beeps and whistles combined with chilled sounds and rhythms. Imagine Jean Michel Jarre decides to create new tracks, and asks Gerald for help. The result would be music, I still miss on the newer records of Jarre. It is SciFi-music; music to create acoustic landscapes Also, he´s a great artist in creating fantastic sci-fi pictures; landscapes of strange planets: a jungle with strange animals and plants – he creates the perfect visual background for his great music. You can listen to his music on Bandcamp as well as on Facebook Beside his music, Gerald also produces his own radio show called “ELEKTRO KLANG RADIO” where you can listen to the finest electronic music of classic artists as well as new one. His show will be broadcasted on fm 97.6 (in Germany, region of Schleswig-Holstein)every Saturday...
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