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Friendly Week – Day 2: Michael Brückner & Bernd Kistenmacher

M I C H A E L B R U E C K N E R 5years Due to several music groups on Facebook, I got in contact with Michael. Beside the fact that he´s a friendly guy who is always open for new collaborations in electronic music, for me his music is the perfect example of harmonic, intelligent ambient music with a strong relationship to chillout styles. Although he works as a graphical designer he takes his time to create soundscapes full of elegance and harmony. Since 1992 he´s working in the fields of electronic music. No wonder that he has released more than 100 albums since that and still his creativity finds ways to express himself in new tracks. One of his latest album is called "Two Letters From Crimea" and it is a great example of his ability to create soundscapes, melodies and rhythms - perfectly combined to an album which gives you the possibilty to relax and find some peace...

60 Minutes Of chill – Part Ten

On tonight´s episode of my podcast series I present you "Mensano" (who worked with Christopher von Deylen on the first SCHILLER album), as well as a track by London group "MikeWhitePresents" - a band I had the honour to meet personally and to work with for several times. Also 2 great cover versions of Depeche Mode classics by Sylvain Chauveau and Maxence Cyrin and many other great artists and their idea of chilled music. Every Monday @11pm and Tuesday @4pm on and every Thursday on Mixcloud. So sit back, relax and enjoy the music! Tracklist:
  • 01 Initio [Stan Dart]
  • 02 Far away [Mensano]
  • 03 Stealing your soul [MikeWhitePresents]
  • 04 Reverie of the tapier [William Orbit]
  • 05 Isolate [Moby]
  • 06 Blues de soleil [Rue De Soleil]
  • 07 Never let me down again [Sylvain Chauveau & Ensemble Nocture]
  • 08 Behind the wheel [Maxence Cyrin]
  • 09 Sun racer [Helping-Jenkins]
  • 10 Bitter soliloquy [Sons Of Magdalene]
  • 11 Offshore (Original Ambient Version) [Chicane]
  • 12 Virtual reality [Jan Hammer]
  • 13 La force du courage [Tangerine Dream]
  • 14 Vale [Stan Dart] 60_part10 ...